To be given the news that your cancer has spread is undeniably devastating and you may feel overwhelmed by feelings of fear, bewilderment and anger. You may think that nothing can be done to help you. While it is true that once cancer has spread it cannot be cured, there are many treatment options available which aim to keep the cancer under control, often for many years. You may find it helpful to see a counsellor.

Sometimes it is easier to talk through your feelings freely with someone other than family or friends. Counselling can help you to make sense of your feelings and may be very supportive for you at this time. It is tempting to turn to the internet immediately for sources of information about treatments and prognosis, but it is important not to allow yourself to become overloaded by information – much of which may not be applicable to you. We hope that you will find most of the information that you need on our website; you may also find it helpful to look through our Inspiring Stories which gives real life examples of people who have been living with advanced breast cancer for many years.

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