Travel & Secondary Breast Cancer

Everyone needs to get away for a holiday especially when you are suffering from Secondary Breast cancer and need a break from treatment.

Before you do travel, you should:


Plan how much medication you need to take to see you through the holiday and you may need to make special arrangements for example, taking a letter from your doctor and a copy of your prescription.


Depending on what treatment you are on, certain vaccinations may not be possible so check with your doctor first before choosing a country that needs special vaccinations.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

When travelling you may be more at risk of developing Deep vein thrombosis which is a blood clot which occurs in a deep leg vein or a larger vein that runs through the muscles of the calf and the thigh. Consult your doctor before travelling long distances or are flying to your chosen destination.

If your journey or flight lasts more than six hours, you should:

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